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All Luminox watch models can be regulated and repaired at any of the MISO authorized service partners appearing in this register. The watch will be serviced according to the provisions of the warranty when a valid warranty certificate is presented with the watch. The register will be updated on a regular basis. Only Repair Centers that are displayed under this register are official and valid.

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Instruction Manuals

Please find below the instruction manuals for all models of Luminox Watches.
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Model Document
Standard / All Models GGM.L002
Seal Dive Chronograph 8000 Series (A.8151 / A.8152 / A.8351 / A.8352 / A.8362)
F-16 Fighting Falcon 9100 Series Chronograph (A.9123 / A.9124 / A.9125)
Tony Kanaan Series (A.1121 / A.1128)
GGM.L001 Chrono
Field Chrono Alarm 1800 Series (A.1842 / A.1847 / A.1848 / A.1849 / A.1857 / A.1887 / A.1888 / A.1897)
SR-71 Blackbird 9000 Series Chronograph Alarm (A.9062)
GGM.L003 Alarm Chrono
World Time Clocks (A.LWAC / L.WAC.B) GGM.L004.LWAC
SR-71 Blackbird 9000 Series 10 Function ana-digi with compass (A.9052) GGM.L006 Compass
SR-71 Blackbird 9000 Series (A.9072 / A.9082 / A.9088)
Field Valjoux 1860 Series (A.1861 / A.1867 / A.1869)
GGM.L010 Automatic Chrono
F-22 Raptor 9200 Series (A.9282 / A.9288) GGM.L011 Chrono Day Date
Field Automatic 1800 Series (A.1822 / A.1827 / A.1828 / A.1842 / A.1888 / A.1847 / A.1848) GGM.L013 Automatic
Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series (A.3081 / A.3083 / A.3089 / A.3097) GGM.L014 Chrono
Deep Dive 1500 Series (A.1501 / A.1503 / A.1509 / A.1512 / A.1513) GGM.L015
Tony Kanaan 1140 Series GGM.L016 Tony Kanaan
Recon Series (A.8821 / A.8822 / A.8823 / A.8825 / A.8824 / A.8826) GGM.L019 Recon
Scott Casell Specials (A.1525 / A.3964) GGM.L020 Scott Cassell
F-22 Raptor (A.9272 / A.9278 / A.9273 / A.9274) and F-35 Series (A.9382 / A.9388) GGM.L022 Ruler
Yachting 1400 Series GGM.L005 Yachting