30 MILES UNDER THE SEA - Scott Cassell attempts World Record dive to save endangered sharks
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Luminox collaborates with Scott Cassell on his world record dive attempt. The goal is to swim underwater at 20-30 feet deep for 30 miles non-stop during one continuous SCUBA dive using state of the art equipment. The dive is estimated to last 15 to 20 hours during which Scott and his team will perform several scientific experiments regarding the reduction of shark population which will damage the ocean life dramatically.

The swim underwater will begin at the famous CIMI Youth Camp on Catalina Island on the 17th of September at 0400 hrs as Scott slips beneath the sea. He will not emerge to the world of air until he has reached Cabrillo Aquarium Beach in San Pedro Harbor after travelling 30 miles underwater non-stop.

Upon arrival, Scott will hold a press conference where he talks about the record dive and his findings on the shark population, and other things he experienced during the dive.


Scott Cassell

Scott Cassell is an expert military operative – a Counterterrorism Combat Dive Instructor to the Special Ops community, an anti-piracy consultant and sniper and a former Special Ops combat medic and MedEvac Flight Instructor in the Army National Guard. He is also a consummate adventurer, someone who embraces danger. A man of high ideals and a true explorer, his exploits are undertaken with unwavering commitment to a clearly defined goal - the protection of the world’s oceans and their inhabitants.

Scott Cassell founded Sea Wolves Unlimited LLC to counter the rampant poaching of sharks and endangered sea life, a major contributing factor in the decline of the oceans. Combining military precision with environmental motivation, the organization carries out evidence-gathering operations, known as rECOn missions, aimed at bringing poachers and polluters to justice

Realizing that people are motivated to preserve and protect the things they understand and appreciate, Cassell created the non-profit Undersea Voyager Project (UVP) to help marine researchers, educators, students, and “citizen scientists” explore and learn about the underwater environment. UVP opens the world’s unexplored oceans to those inspired by deep-sea discovery.


  • In collaboration with Cassell, Luminox has created the new 1525 Deep Dive Special Scott Cassell dive watch. A portion of proceeds from sales of this model will support Sea Wolves Unlimited and its missions.

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